Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes - Nintendo Switch
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes - Nintendo Switch
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Shipping Calculation
Package weight
Shipping weight1 lb
Actual weight0.13 lb
Volumetric weight0.09 lb
Package dimension
Width4.13 Inch
Height0.43 Inch
Length6.69 Inch
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Product Description
Description - Bestbuy
Clear the world from monsters | get into the game literally. Enter the world of death drive mark ii, and hack and slash your way out of its various games. Pass a joy-con™ to a friend for local co-op with special team-up charge attacks. Represent your favorite indie games by rocking their swag in-game, and keep an eye out for other in-game collaborations. Hit the road in an all-new adventure with gaming's hardcore otaku assassin. It includes a season pass that grants access to future downloadable content. Beam katana in hand, travis strikes again.

Product Specification
Product TypeConsole video games
Operating SystemNintendo_switch

Product weight & dimension
Width0.43 Inch
Height6.69 Inch
Length4.13 Inch
Weight0.13 lb
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How this is called in other regions?
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes - Nintendo Switch
Travis ataca de nuevo: no más héroes - Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes - Nintendo Switch
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Videogames
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, 045496593025
Travis Strikes Again:もうこれ以上の英雄はいない - Nintendo Switch
特拉維斯再次罷工:沒有更多英雄 - 任天堂開關
特拉维斯再次罢工:没有更多英雄 - 任天堂开关

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Mon Jan 21 2019 07:35:00 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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