The Lego Movie 2 Escape Buggy 70829 Building Kit (549 Piece)
THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Emmet & Lucy Escape Buggy 70829 (549 Piece) NEW SEALED
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Shipping Calculation
Package weight
Shipping weight3.05 lb
Actual weight1.85 lb
Volumetric weight3.05 lb
Package dimension
Width10.24 Inch
Height2.76 Inch
Length14.96 Inch
Shipping cost is calculated using volumetric weight as it is higher than actual weight

Product Description
Description - Amazon
Kids will get lost in role play with all the action from the build the escape buggy playset; complete with 2 minifigure seats, opening doors and hood, and suspension, plus an exploding buildable base! | this build it yourself lego movie 2 buggy car set includes a lego emmet minifigure, lucy minifigure and sharkira minifigure, plus brick-built metalbeard, star and heart figures | kids can play out fun adventures with action figures from the lego movie 2 escape buggy toy car set. This toy playset can also be combined with ultrakatty from the 70827 ultrakatty & warrior lucy! Building set to create the ultra escape buggy | 549 pieces - monster truck toy for boys and girls aged 8+ and for fans and big kids of all ages; the lego movie 2 escape buggy 70829 construction buggy toy can be built together with all other original lego sets and lego bricks for creative building | escape buggy toy car set measures over 5" (15cm) high, 8" (22cm) long and 5" (13cm) wide; buildable base measures over 3" (8cm) high, 1" (5cm) wide and 2" (6cm) deep | kids can drive away from danger during pretend play in the lego movie 2 70829 emmet and lucy’s escape buggy, featuring seats for 2 minifigures, opening doors and hood, foldout arrow gun (non-shooting) and suspension. This build it yourself action toy also includes a base with an explode function and 6 the lego movie 2 characters—emmet, lucy, sharkira, metalbeard, star and heart—with toy weapons and accessory elements.

Product Specification
Product TypeToys and games

Product weight & dimension
Width10.32 Inch
Height2.78 Inch
Length15.04 Inch
Weight0 lb
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How this is called in other regions?
Lego Movie 2 Escape Buggy 70829 Kit Bangunan (549 Piece)
Lego The Movie 2 Escape Buggy 70829 Kit de construcción (549 piezas)
Creative Thinking The Lego Movie 2 Emmet & Lucy's Escape Buggy 550 Pcs Blocks
Lego The Lego Movie 2 Emmet & Lucy's Escape Buggy! 70829 New Sealed
THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Emmet & Lucy Escape Buggy 70829 (549 Piece) NEW SEALED
The Lego Movie 2 Emmet & Lucys Escape Buggy 70829 Officially Licensed Nibsealed
The Lego Movie 2 Emmit Lucy's Escape Buggy 70829 (549 Piece) 2019 New Release
The Lego Movie 2 Escape Buggy 70829 Building Kit (549 Piece)

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Mon Jan 21 2019 08:20:23 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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