Snurk Fairy Duvet Cover Set, Single Uk Size
Snurk Fairy Duvet Cover Set, Single UK Size
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Package weight
Shipping weight3.31 lb
Actual weight3.31 lb

Product Description
Description - Amazon
Colour white  dimensions duvet: single l: 200cm w: 135cm pillowcase: 50x75cm  material 100% high-quality cotton  features machine washable at 40° suitable for dryer 50x75cm pillowcase included | white | your little love can finally transform into tinkerbell with this enchanting fairy bedding set from snurk. Made from 100% cotton, after a long day of fairy-tale fun they will soon fly off to slumber-land snuggled under this super soft single duvet cover. Including a flower garland pillowcase your petal princess will rule over the forest! Add fairy lights and fluffy pillows to create the perfect magical wonderland for your little pixie! For other amazing photographic bedding designs see more from snurk! : single duvet cover set with photographic print white bedding with a fair and flower garland design made of 100% high quality soft cotton a single pillow case is includedspecification: thread count of 160 length: 200cm width: 135cmgood to know: machine washable at 40 degrees celsius, suitable for dryer designed in holland a fantastic gift idea or addition to a newly decorated fun themed bedroom! Lots more amazing designs available from SNURK - check them all out at Cuckooland

Product Specification
SizeSingle Uk
Product TypeHome bed and bath

Product weight & dimension
Width53.15 Inch
Height0.79 Inch
Length78.74 Inch
Weight3.31 lb
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Garden Single Uk Size

How this is called in other regions?
Snurk Fairy羽毛布団カバーセット、シングル英国サイズ
Snurk Fairy羽絨被套裝,單英尺碼
Snurk Fairy羽绒被套装,单英尺码
Snurk Fairy Duvet Cover Set, Single UK Size
Snurk Fairy Duvet Cover Set, Single Uk Size
Snurk Fairy Uk Single Duvet Set

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