Msi Interceptor Gaming Mouse (Interceptor Ds100)
Msi Interceptor Gaming Mouse (Interceptor Ds100)
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Shipping Calculation
Package weight
Shipping weight1 lb
Actual weight0.5 lb
Volumetric weight0.75 lb
Package dimension
Width5.1 Inch
Height2.3 Inch
Length8.9 Inch
Shipping cost is calculated using volumetric weight as it is higher than actual weight
Most logistics company has minimum shipping weight of 1 lb (or 0.5 kg) to calculate shipping rates

Product Description
Description - Amazon
Msi Interceptor Ds100: Usb Laser Gaming Mouse With 6-color Backlight, 3500 Dpi, Ergonomic Design, 7 Programmable Buttons, Gold-plated Connector, Braided Wire

Product Specification
MPNInterceptor Ds100
SizeInterceptor Series
Product TypeComputer input device
ModelInterceptor Ds100
ManufacturerMsi Computer

Product weight & dimension
Width4.72 Inch
Height1.77 Inch
Length7.87 Inch
Weight0.5 lb
Additional details

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2014 Anti-slip Backlight Black Cable Ergonomic Gold Plated Standard Usb Video Wireless

How this is called in other regions?
Msi Interceptor Gaming Mouse (Interceptor Ds100)
Msi Interceptor Permainan Mouse (Interceptor Ds100)
Msi拦截器游戏鼠标(Interceptor Ds100)
Msi Interceptor Ds 100 Mouse
Msi Interceptor Ds100 Gaming Mouse
Msi Interceptor Gaming Mouse (Interceptor Ds100)
Msi Interceptor Gaming Mouse (Interceptor Ds100) Ds 100 Gaming Mouse
Msi Video - Interceptords100 - Msi Interceptor Ds 100 Mouse
Msi攔截器遊戲鼠標(Interceptor Ds100)
New Msi Computer Ds100 Interceptor Interceptor Gaming Mouse - Laser Cable Black
New Msi Video Interceptords100 Interceptor Ds 100 Mouse Interceptords10
✈ Gaming Msi Interceptor Mouse Ds100

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Sat Jan 12 2019 03:06:27 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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