50 Led C-9 Lights
GE 50 LED C-9 Multicolor Lights
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Shipping Calculation
Package weight
Shipping weight2.35 lb
Actual weight2.35 lb
Volumetric weight2 lb
Package dimension
Width7 Inch
Height4.6 Inch
Length8.6 Inch
Shipping cost is calculated using actual weight as it is higher than volumetric weight

Product Description
Description - Walmart
Set contains 50 LED C-9 Lights, Energy Smart Constant ON - Set Continues to operate even if a bulb is burned out or looseUp to 80% energy savings with Multi colored 120V 60Hz, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, WhiteConnects up to 25 set, Spacing: 8" between bulbs9.93m / 32.6 ft Long, Lead wire: 6", Total set wattage per strand: 7.2 wattsUse indoors or Outdoors | GE 50 LED C-9 Multicolor Lights

Product Specification
Product TypeBooks 1973 and later

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120v Blue Christmas Garden Green Holiday Led Outdoors Red White

How this is called in other regions?
50 LED C-9ライト
50 Led C-9 Lampu
50 Led C-9 Lights
50 Led C-9 Luces
50 Led C-9 Lights
GE 50 Count LED C-9 Lights Multi Color
GE 50 LED C-9 Multicolor Lights
Ge 50 Multicolor Led C-9 Christmas Lights - 32.6 Ft String New In Box Lot Of 2

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Sun Jan 20 2019 17:46:39 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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