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Product Discovery

Comparee carries more than 300 million products from merchants around the world to give you the best selection of products.

5 Languages/Currencies

Comparee supports 5 languages ​​and 5 currencies to give you the most comfortable shopping experience.

Price Comparison Service

Comparee help you selects the best offer by comparing the price of the product from 15,000+ merchants.

International Shipping Solution

Comparee offers 3 types of purchasing services depending on your needs.

How To Use

Simple way to shop overseas!

1. Price comparison

Compare before purchase, make smart decision!

2. Checkout

Checkout at merchant site OR use our Comparee Checkout service

Membeli di laman web merchant ATAU menggunakan perkhidmatan Comparee Checkout kami

One-stop solution to logistics/payment problems

4. Ship To You!

Deliver to you or pick up from our partners

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Shipping Solution

Checkout methods

Merchant (Direct Shipping)

Parcel Forwarder (Ship For You)

Comparee Checkout

Product Origin

Merchant offers


Merchant listed price

Real-time quotation

Purchase Process

Checkout at merchant website or mobile app

Checkout at Comparee

Check if merchant can ship international

Register account with parcel forwarders

Pay 50% deposit

Enter international address (your address)

Input domestic address (provided by forwarders)

Comparee will notify you upon shipment arrival

Order confirmation

Inform forwarder of order details

Track shipment status with merchant

Forwarder will contact you upon shipment arrival, and collect outstanding balance

Shipping Charges

Paid to merchant (Might not include tax & duties)

Domestic: Paid to merchant (if applicable) International: Paid to forwarder

Paid to Comparee (All-in cost)

Ship For You

Recommended Parcel Forwarder - Buyippee Purchase Process

For shipping to Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Singapore

Comparee Checkout

Click on to Contact Us and simply send us with the information below and we will handle the rest:

  • Merchant’s product link or Comparee’s product page link (We will use the lowest priced merchant to place the order)
  • Buyer’s full shipping address (Including contact name & number)
  • Combine shipping (Let us know in advance if you are purchasing multiple items from multiple merchants to consolidate into one shipment; or we will assume the item is ready to ship upon arrival to our facility)

With the above information, we will get back to you with a final quotation and confirmation to proceed with the order.

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We help shoppers access products from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & Japan. Our team will share recommendation of high quality & unique products from the world, and where to find the best deals & discounts. We are a one-stop information & services platform, making price comparison and cross border shopping easy for you